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Montréal, for your career and for life.
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Living in Greater Montréal allows you to combine the advantages of a dynamic work environment that offers many opportunities for advancement with an enriching personal and family life.

  • Multicultural city with an open perspective

As a bilingual, cosmopolitan region with an open perspective, Greater Montréal has developed a unique personality, stemming from a happy marriage of European and North American influence.

  • Affordable cost of living

One of the advantages of the Montréal metropolitan region is without doubt its affordable cost of living. Montréal stands out among the world’s largest cities as having one of the lowest cost of living levels. Very comfortable housing can be found at competitive prices, and its residents’ purchasing power is high.

  • Exceptional quality of life

A modern city, Greater Montréal is a region that vibrates both in winter and summer, night and day, with a host of artistic, cultural and sports activities. The downtown core is in a constant state of activity: people live downtown, while others come regularly to the cinemas, theatre, restaurants and numerous festivals.

  • A metropolis with a human touch

Montréal is renowned for its openness and friendliness, and stands out for the quality of its interesting neighborhood lifestyle. It is a city with a heart, a good place to work, live and have fun!

  • Safe environment

Greater Montréal is a safe region where you can walk around without worrying. Crime, already low for a large city, has been declining steadily since 1990. In fact, according to Statistics Canada and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the homicide rate is the lowest in North America.

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