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In order to benefit from all the services and privileges available to Canadian citizens, obtaining permanent residence is a wise choice, enabling you to enjoy all the advantages of living in Greater Montréal.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  • You no longer have to request a work permit renewal;
  • Unlimited validity period, as long as you remain in Canada for a minimum of two years (730 non-consecutive days) out of five (obligation to live in Canada);
  • Permanent residents have the same rights as Canadian citizens, except for the right to vote and to hold a Canadian passport. They are able to live, work and study anywhere in Canada;
  • The spouse and dependent children of the applicant also receive permanent resident status;
  • This status gives foreign workers and their families more professional mobility;
  • Permanent residents have better access to credit and property ownership;
  • It is the only way to become a Canadian citizen.

Only permanent residents can request Canadian citizenship. They can do so after three years of continuous permanent residence, or two years of permanent residence combined with two years of temporary status.

Learn about the process of obtaining permanent residence.

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